A transfer student who transfered early 2014. First made friends with Goran and Mateo. When his final year at ES Centar took place, he began befriending Demiham, Frki, Vid, Lorna, Darko, Filip, Josip, Nika and Marlen.


Relationships Edit

His best friend throught the whole time of being at ES Centar was, in fact Demiham, closely followed by Frki

8th Grade Edit

Although the year started off great for Ivex, it ended not so great, due to the fact of him being lost in his own feelings of guilt and fear. However, throught the whole year he was "stuck" in a neutral zone.

The feeling of guilt however, went away after some time.

He befrended all of his classmates, and remains in touch with to this day.

Relationship with Demiham Edit

One of his closest friends was and is Demiham (as is mentioned above). The fact was, however, that he desperately needed someone to share his dilemmas with. Demiham filled that need, and helped Ivex become a better, more self-reliable and less depressed person.

Through a series of serious talks (which continue to this day, but not as commonly), he was able to help Ivex with his then not helpable state. (Or so Ivex thought)

Relationship with Frki Edit

His 2nd best friend at the time (and still to this day) was Frki. Although it was never implied, it's easy to believe that Frki and Ivex became friends due to their love for the same Eastman and Laird's comic book/cartoon series known as "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". They loved discussing the therories revolving around the show.

Frki meant the exact opposite of Demiham for Ivex. Someone that could make him laugh was also needed. Frki did the job great.

Sidenote: Yeah, someone can be Jewish and still be friends with a non criminal, what's the point?

Appearance Edit

Like most of the people taking place in Ivex's life at the time, he wore simple clothes.

A t-shirt, a hoodie, and a pair of blue jeans were a must.

Most of the time he wore long, brown hair. His eyes are brown colored.